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Growth Hormone Use in Kids Greatly Increases The Chance For A Stoke When They Are Young Adults

Growth Hormone Use in Kids Greatly Increases The Chance For A Stoke When They Are Young Adults

Growth Hormone Use in Kids Linked to Stroke in Young Adults

Growth hormone use in kids for the treatment of short stature or growth hormone deficiency in childhood increases the long-term the risk for stroke in young adulthood, hemorrhagic strokes in particular, French registry data show.growth hormone use in kids

Investigators at the University of Lorraine in France found that growth hormone use in kids resulted in a SIG…

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New Study Finds Statins Increase Risk For Diabetes

New Study Finds Statins Increase Risk For Diabetes

New Study Finds Diabetes Risk Rises With Statin Use

The risk of new-onset type 2 diabetes rises with adherence to statin therapy, providing further confirmation of the previously reported link.


The findings were published online June 26 in Diabetes Careby Giovanni Corrao, PhD, of the division of biostatistics, epidemiology, and public health, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy, and…

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Probiotics Help Prevent Obesity While Improving Health

Probiotics Help Prevent Obesity While Improving Health

Can Probiotics Help Prevent Obesity?

In a recent study, researchers at Vanderbilt tested to see if probiotics help prevent obesity by using a bacteria that can produce a “therapeutic compound” in the gut. The results showed that it stopped weight gain, insulin resistance and other health complications.

probiotics-help-prevent-obesityPast research has demonstrated that probiotics help prevent obesity and that the gut bacteria…

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Soy Safety: Are You Eating Poison?

Soy Safety: Are You Eating Poison?

New Questions About Soy Safety

While there are those out there who continue to praise soy as some kind of miracle food, evidence continues to emerge which exposes its many faults and raises questions about soy safety. 

soy safety imgSoy and other foods and herbs with estrogen-mimicking properties are often recommended to menopausal and post-menopausal women because high consumption may lead to amelioration of…

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